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I have been out walking in the unseasonably hot weather all day. I am wearing some very dirty smelly socks that I have been wearing for around 5 days straight in order to make them stinky and gross for an order. Consequently my feet stink and
I slowly reveal my gym feet, taking them out of my smelly shoes directly after working out. As I am feeling flirty I let you smell them, lick them and challenge you to cum in time with my count down in order to win my sweaty, stinky gym socks.
In this video I remove my boots to reveal my tired, sweaty and genuinely smelly feet. I proceed to humiliate you and torment you about your foot fetish, I tease you and make you smell my feet. Eventually I let you cum all over my feet and then make
I have just finished a tough workout and decided to record a video there and then in the gym while my feet were still…fresh. I slowly remove my hot, sweaty, smelly shoes and socks revealing my damp and stinky feet. They are particularly smelly in
After a long day at work I dangle and then slowly remove my Jimmy Choo heels and reveal my nylon covered feet. After teasing you with them I peel off my well worn nylons, asking you to rub my sore, pretty feet that have been in heels all day. I
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