Little Treats Daddy To All Her Friends

Little Treats Daddy To All Her Friends

[This was a custom request] Your babygirl and favourite little fucktoy is your favourite for a reason - because she treats you to lots of slutty naughty fun. Usually it's just with her tight little holes but when you get home from work today, she has a special surprise for you for being such a good Daddy. She's bought some of her hot little friends home for you to have fun with too... She's excited and pleased with herself after telling you the news and, noticing your cock is already hard, she's keen to start playing with sDaddy's big cock. She lets you fuck her mouth while she drools all over her cute, bare little tits before begging for you inside her. You fuck her wet little pussy for a while, while she lays on her back amongst her plushies with her sneaker clad feet up in the air. But you haven't forgotten about the other little cuties waiting for your big cock. Your little pulls out her favourite double ended dildo and suggests that you fuck her friends one by one while she watches and plays with her toy like a good girl. You start working your way through her friends while she talks dirty to you about how much you're stretching all of their tight little holes and how much they are enjoying it. They are all virgins and will never have experienced a strong, alpha, older man like you before... Your Princess slides the dildo from her ass to her pussy, to her ass, to her mouth (just like you've taught her). You stretch and use her friend's holes one by one while your babygirl gets closer to her own orgasm, watching you enjoy her gifts. You leave each of the girls trembling until you get to her final friend and, inevitably, your bunny cums hard around her little toy. This gives you permission to spill your own load inside her final friend. Your babygirl begs you to cum inside her friend's tummy and asks if next time, you'll bring all of your friends along too.

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