Ddlg Clown Pee And Anal Play For Daddy

Ddlg Clown Pee And Anal Play For Daddy

[This was a custom request] Your cute little clown girlfriend has missed you all week. You come home early as a surprise and catch her on the toilet. She says she's embarrassed but you know she's also pleased that you're home to play. She shows off her cute body and sucks her thumb while telling you how much she's missed you. She's ready to follow any instructions that you give her. You tell her to start sucking on the two purple toys that she conveniently has left in the bathroom. She sucks them seductively one by one, before sliding both into her slutty mouth and splitting them apart to open up her mouth wide. You want to see that tight little arsehole though... so she turns around and slips one of the dildos into her tight hole so that you can see close-up how tight she is around it. She's been complaining of the need to pee so you decide to allow her to go. Only, you want her to pee all over the little cotton panties she was wearing. She presses them against her pussy and you watch as they darken in color with the delicious liquid flowing from her pussy. With her bladder empty, you want to see more of her arse. She bends over the toilet to fuck herself again with the purple toy before stepping very close to you to show off her puckered, pink arse and teasing it with one finger. She fingers arse while moaning loudly and telling you how much your big cock would stretch and hurt her in such a tight hole. You can't wait any longer and need to fuck her, so she shows off her tight body and full hips once more and promises to be a very good girl and let you grip her them and ride her deep before filling her up with cum.

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