Cumslut Training for Daddy's Girls - April 28, 2019

Model: Roxy Cox
Cumslut Training for Daddy's Girls - April 28, 2019

Roxy is Daddy's older perfect bratty slutty daughter and Elizabeth her younger step sister is all sweet and innocent. Daddy wants Roxy to make her really part of the family and she needs to learn from her big sister how to be a good lil cumslut. Daddy instructs Roxy to teach her just like he showed her. Roxy agrees as she always will please Daddy, but hates how her younger step sister is so innocent and acts like a goody two shoes.

Both girls come home from school while Daddy is at work. Roxy knows Daddy expects her to train her younger sister before he gets home. Roxy instructs her step sister to enter her bedroom, she sees a toy on Roxy's couch. She looks nervously at Roxy and says what is that for? It's a dildo dummy duh, Roxy replies. Why is it left there? Roxy can't believe how niave she is and tells her step sister what Daddy wants. She tells her, that if she wants to be really be part of the family and be just like Daddy's favourite girl which is Roxy, then she has to do what Daddy says and please him. Her step sister is so gullible and believes whatever Roxy says and Roxy tricks her into thinking Daddy will disown her if she does not take his cock.

Her step sister is eager to learn and Roxy shows her what to do. Roxy smiles and grabs the toy and shoves it down her step sisters throat, take it slut suck it and make Daddy happy. Remember the deeper the better, Daddy likes that. Elizabeth gasps for air and nods as she tries to suck it deep. "It's so big", she says! The toy is the same size as Daddy's dick so you better learn to take it. Roxy makes the toy blow on her face and she has her mouth filled up with Daddy's cum & loads of cum dripping onto her big tits. Once her step sister tastes the cum, she starts to get hornier and craving for more cock and cum. She is now begging for more of Daddy's cock & cum and even asking when Daddy gets home? "Shut up, your nowhere near being a good enough slut yet to suck Daddy's real dick", Roxy snaps. You have so much more to learn and not even played with your little cunt yet. Roxy pulls up her skirt and rubs her cunt, see you are getting wet aren't you, dirty little bitch. She instructs her to strip off and makes her spread her legs wide and gets her to finger her pussy. Roxy is laying beside her showing her how to play with herself like a good girl. How much do you want Daddy's cock? Tell me sister! "So bad, I need his cock and cum", Elizabeth moans. Roxy wont give it to her that easy, cum her and eat my pussy first step sis! You have to please your bigger sister too you know. She happily dives into Roxy's delicious pussy and licks her cunt and likes the taste too. She can taste Daddy's cum from earlier when he fucked Roxy this morning. Daddy always fucks me and cums inside me, you want that too don't you sis?

"Yes please let me have Daddy's dick and cum", Elizabeth begs. Roxy likes how much she craves it so bad. Come over here and sit on his dick, she makes her bounce on his cock and ride it. Elizabeth loves riding Daddy's big cock. "It's so good and big, yes I want Daddy's cum inside me" she moans in pleasure. Good slut beg for it Roxy says...... She makes the toy cum inside her cunt and Roxy takes some to taste and finger herself with and her step sis plays with it too. "It tastes so good, yes I love it give me more" Elizabeth greedily shouts.

Suddenly Daddy walks in and catches both girls playing with his cum. He is pleased to see Roxy has trained her step sister and now they both get a treat. Both girls get on their knees and beg for Daddy's cum again all over their face and tits and they cum swap, spitting into each others mouth and kiss and play with the cum. Now Daddy has two good cum sluts to share and use.

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