Sadistic SexBot - September 02, 2022

Sadistic SexBot - September 02, 2022

Feat. Irene Silver & Dexter Darkly

Dexter has ordered a new, futuristic model of Sexbot and is so excited to take his sexual experience to the next level! He can barely contain his excitement to move from a blowup doll to this perfect Sexbot Irene, it is satisfaction guaranteed and had great reviews!

He pushes the ON button located behind her neck and she powers up. Dexter practically rips his clothes off and gets naked, he throws the manual aside…who reads the manual?! He comes over close to the Sexbot and when he's within range she delivers a hard kick/knee to the balls. Confused, he backs up in pain, the Sexbot standing in the same place still. Dexter sees the manual but the Sexbot blocks his path to it and ballbusts him hard! He tries to get to the button on her neck but Sexbot Irene doesn’t allow him to get that either, she’s gone into a self preservation mode and her ON button has been deactivated! Sexbot Irene is registering a level RED threat...Dexters balls! Her main objective is to destroy as she kicks, punches, and slaps Dexter in his most sensitive area. Sexbot Irene ballbusts him brutally throughout the clip, this is why you don’t rely on AI to get you off!

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