Homewrecking Yoga Instructor PT 2

Model: PeachySkye
Homewrecking Yoga Instructor PT 2

You are back for some more "couples yoga" with your girlfriend.. little does she know, we've REALLY been practicing all our poses in our private lessons. I welcome you both (ok, I admit it's not exactly the warmest of welcomes for her!) and we get straight into stretching and performing some simple poses. I praise you and make sarcastic comments at your girlfriend's lack of ability. Giving you a nice long look at my ass whilst she has no choice but to watch our blatant flirting. I tell you to meet me in the locker rooms after and we have a quick fuck, a nice finish to the workout!

Custom Description:

Guy POV scene: (~10 min yoga class; ~5 min scene in lockers or showers, whichever you prefer)

As before, guy in front of you, girl out of view off to the side so you can talk in their directions
As they enter, you remark to the girl "Oh, I didn't expect to see you back here after you how you embarrassed yourself last time."
"Remember that this is my class and I conduct it *how ever I please* so if I hear any bitching from you I'll get you a permanent ban from the gym. >:)" (this will ensure that she will not cut the flirting short this time)
"We've advanced far past your level in our private sessions with your bf so don't worry if you can't keep up with us."

As before, a yoga class starts with focus on moves/poses that allow you to show off your superior s and body.
One good one, I think - cobra pose, both facing away and facing the camera.
You don't pay much attention to the gf other than to note that she's failing / to roll your eyes / scoff / make jokes etc.

A long ass tease (Last time there was an ass tease interrupted by the gf. This time she can't interrupt so it goes on a bit longer!) Even slap your ass during this teasing 'yoga pose' to leave no question what you're really doing.

At one point you adjust the guy's pose and whisper in his ear "I'll meet you in men's lockers/showers after this.."

Eventually the class ends. You make some dismissive comment to the gf like "You sure you're ok? I could refer you to beginner's class"

You sneak into the men's changing area.
"Oh my god, she's obviously so jealous of me!" "Flirting in front of your gf got me so horny" ""
Fuck naked against a wall (I don't know how that would work exactly. Feel free to do something more practical lol) - kinda 'sneaking' at first, trying to stay quiet, yet moaning as soon as it gets good so people would definitely hear :P

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